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About us

How it started

What started as a small donation dinner in 2014 at home for one family in need led to helping several others. Over time we started helping more and more individuals and families in need from USA to BIH. As the number of people in need grew our passion to help and assist them grew stronger, we dedicated more time and effort to helping those in need. We organized picnics, workshops, and cookouts in our backyards and houses to assist more people. Then our children wanted to make a difference too so we started collecting clothes, blankets, gloves, and pillows  from our friends and families, we then gave it out to homeless brothers and sisters along with warm meals that we prepared aswell as water and fruits.

The core of our work

The core of our work lies in the continuous passion and dedication we bring to the range of projects we take part in. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Our Prophet s.a.w.s said

The Prophet s.a.w.s said every act of kindness is a charity.

Our mission and goal

 OUR mission and goals are to inspire humanity and to serve and improve the communities through education, assistance, and resources. We want to make a safe place for the youth to do activities that will teach them life skills and the values of helping others. In other words, volunteering. Also, to have an electronic free environment that will have workshops and teach kids the ability to talk to police officers and other professionals professionally. We provide children of all ages with school supplies, clothes, and food helping them to become successful even if they are coming from a low-income family or another country as we believe in diversity and equality. Big brother and big sister will be one of activities as well as inviting successful young adults to have workshops with our youth. Our mission is to involve the youth with our Niles district and surrounding communities to plant flowers, paint walls, or make murals that will inspire kindness and positivity in people.


We would love to serve the Niles community by volunteering and partnering with other non-profits. Also, we can assist and provide interpreting and translating services to any department. We are also trying to add weekly hot meals to seniors.


 Senior programs are also one of our big activities. We’ve been distributing food, produce meat, hygiene, personal care, and detergents to seniors from Niles all the way to lake Michigan (Edgewater, Rogers Park, Des Plaines, Evanston, Skokie) since the pandemic started. We do it every month and started from 45 seniors to over 200 households of seniors and families in need that we provide with food and other necessities monthly with a U-Haul truck.


We will be organizing workshops on fraud, identity theft, abuse, and resources for all their needs. Seniors like flowers and gardens (can we have a gardening place in Niles to plant vegetables over the summer) Field trips for seniors and our youth will be one of our programs as well. Visitation to hospitals and nursing homes will also be one of our programs to those that have no family. Transportation to and from appointments will be provided. 

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